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Peel Terrace Bridge.

Peel Terrace Bridge

Another view of one of our main bridges in Northam, WA.


Avon River Northam.

This is an image I shot a few weeks back and have had some local feedback on. I thought I should post in on my blog instead of just leaving it on FB onlyAvon River web

Dukes Inn, Northam.

Last weekend I had the job of shooting images for the owner of the recently renovated Dukes Inn hotel and luxury accomodation here in Northam. They have done a great job with the revamping of this old but very sound and characteristic historic building.  This is one image I singled out to convert to Black & White and try something a bit different on. The colour version was nice as well but the drama in this scene begged for this treatment I thought.

Sunrise in the Avon Valley.

Another glorious mild winters morning in Northam today with a bit more rain over night and a light fog in the valleys. Makes you feel good to be alive when your standing out taking photos in these conditions.


“Altered Landscapes”… created by nature

As everyone is probably aware we had a pretty severe storm up this way yesterday.The power has just been restored at our place so the net is is back on again. It was a thunderstorm which produced a spectacular dust cloud and then nailed us with cyclonic winds and rain. Bloody scary stuff when there are sheets of corrogated roofing iron being thrown around like tissues. these images are only a small few I managed to snap about 15 minutes after the event as we had a bit of damage at home to contend with. The last couple are of the clean we did this morning after our huge pine tree decided our outdoor area needed an upgrade. Must thank the Merv man for coming around and helping out with the whole deal, between us we had it under control in around three hours, what a team.

” Early Light “

Well early mornings are the order of the day on weekends for me at the moment. I am shooting a series of marketing shots for one of our local ballooning companies and getting out of the cot at 3.30am to capture the proceedings is trying me out a bit.  It really is the best time of the day though and playing around with high ISO’s on the D700 is working a treat as this together with light from the balloon burners and a bit of natural light is the go for nice natural looking shots. This was shot taken using 6400 iso at 2.8 with the 85mm f1.4 and run through NIK Define noise reduction software.  Shit these Nikons are Good.

Reflective Mill.

This shot was taken to show how much the water level has changed after the storm in Northams Avon river.  ( No chance of standing in the river bed now ! ). I know Merv can relate to this.  We have had some colourful sunrises and sunsets lately and I took this one on Good Friday morning. Northam resembles a ghost town this Easter with a mass exodus on Thursday afternoon which suits me just fine as it’s nice and quiet for a change. I will try and change the theme for the next post but it really is an ever changing view each time I photograph this Northam icon which is almost directly across from my house.