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Posts from the ‘Wheat Belt WA’ Category

“Another Salty”

I printed this one today as I love it’s basic simplicity.  It looks very vibrant at  60 inches on canvas.

Crusty Beetle

Wandering around the same lake the day before I stumbled over this little beetle which was totally encrusted in the salt and was like molten glass. There was a small spider above him obviously trying to find a way of getting at his remains. The beetle was only about ten mm long and the spider only really popped into view when I installed my 105 macro lens and got in nice and close. after the storm that evening there was about twenty mm of water over the lakes surface which made for a totally different scene the next morning and the beetle was nowhere to be found..

“Salt Lake series number four”

Probably not everyones cup of tea this one but I like it’s simplicity and subtle colours. must be viewed big.

“Salt Lake series number three”

This was shot in the opposite direction facing west about 30 minutes after sunrise, love the brooding sky and small strip of light on the horizon. click to view big.

“Salt Lake series number two”

The sunrise was pretty special with storm clouds hovering all around except for a small window of open sky on the horizon as the sun came up. click on pic to view big.

“Salt Lake series” number one

Back to landscapes this week.    This is one of many panoramas I shot on the Easter weekend while camped out at one of our secret spots in the wheatbelt. We had a magic storm which made for some wicked light during the day and night and having the lake at hand it made for some different subject matter as well. I will post more over the next few days when time permits. All these panos need to be clicked on and viewed big.