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Posts from the ‘Wheat Belt WA’ Category

Farm Tree

Farm Tree web

Another shot of last nights clouds with a simple lone tree in a paddock composition. Summer in the avon Valley is dry and sparse on a whole so this is my interpretation of the scene that presented itself.

Northam Rail yards.

Northam Rail Yard web

Some nice colour in the sunsetting sky this evening so I ventured out for a photo tour. This is the rail yards with the main CBH grain silos in Northam. Remember to click on image to view larger.


Marwicks Barn.

Up early again this morning trying to find a sunrise photo opportunity and ended up over in York, I took a few shots along the way which turned out well but this classic old barn in York itself which has been photographed to death is still one you can’t drive past if the light is half decent, anyway here it is.

Greenough sites

Driving back from Kalbarri after a great wedding and just had to stop and get a shot of one of the well known bent trees in Greenough just north of Dongara. Middle of the day with bright contrasting light meant a black and white conversion was the best choice for editing.

Getting back to Nature.

Last weekend we had the chance to escape to the northern wheatbelt for a bit of site seeing and camping. These are a few photos I liked from the trip.

Valley vista

The Avon valley is looking great at the moment with vibrant colours in the landscape and some crops starting to flower. over the next few weeks I hope to capture a series of images that will do it justice. This is a quick grab from this morning of a favourite spot which I am revisiting from time to time to try and get it in all it’s glory.

More great photos on

Zoom Zoom

Yesterday presented an opportunity to go for a drive out and about and try and get some photos of what was happening out on the farms during their seeding programs. This is a shot I took of one of the trucks used to ferry the seed and fertiliser out to the seeding machines. It was the unusual metallic green colour of the truck and nickname that attracted my attention.

“Another Salty”

I printed this one today as I love it’s basic simplicity.  It looks very vibrant at  60 inches on canvas.

Crusty Beetle

Wandering around the same lake the day before I stumbled over this little beetle which was totally encrusted in the salt and was like molten glass. There was a small spider above him obviously trying to find a way of getting at his remains. The beetle was only about ten mm long and the spider only really popped into view when I installed my 105 macro lens and got in nice and close. after the storm that evening there was about twenty mm of water over the lakes surface which made for a totally different scene the next morning and the beetle was nowhere to be found..

“Salt Lake series number four”

Probably not everyones cup of tea this one but I like it’s simplicity and subtle colours. must be viewed big.