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South Perth Sunrise.

South Perth Sunrise Web

To hot to sleep last night after staying in Perth last night so I headed out early this morning to try my luck at a sunrise shoot from Kings Park and this is one of the images I kept..

More Sculptures by the sea.

Following on from my previous post these are a couple more images that I was pleased with and I think the simple colours and compositions are what attracted me to them.


Cottesloe Sculptures.

After seeing some images from True North Mark I was inspired to get up a couple of hours before dawn this morning and make a run down to Cottesloe beach to checkout this years Sculptures by the sea exhibit. I was lucky to have the place to myself apart from a couple of guys with metal detectors for about half an hour before the hoards of beach goers rolled in. The light wasn’t great so black and white shot’s were what I tried to create and these are a few of them.

South Perth on a calm summers evening.

After a stinking hot day last Sunday in down town Northam and an air conditioner not playing the game and tossing in the sponge I decided it was time to get out of the house and head for cooler surroundings. This is where we ended up and what difference in temprature it was, about 10 degrees cooler and just plain pleasant. While we sat on our rusty old camp chairs savouring some  tasty kebabs for tea I wandered over about ten steps and snapped a couple of pic’s of the view that was before us and this is the result.

Greenough sites

Driving back from Kalbarri after a great wedding and just had to stop and get a shot of one of the well known bent trees in Greenough just north of Dongara. Middle of the day with bright contrasting light meant a black and white conversion was the best choice for editing.

Living Rocks.

My visit to see the rocks was a bit disappointing at first as I thought they would be above the water surface but they were about half a metre under, I used my 10 stop filter to smooth out the water and make the rocks stand out a bit more and create a bit of calm. Lake Clifton is one of only a few places these thrombolites grow.

Lake Clifton on fire.

Was at Lake Clifton south of Dawesville last evening checking out the amazing thrombolites and hoping for a photo opportunity with the promising sunset coming along. Managed to get quite a few keepers but this one was the only portrait framed shot and is probably my instant fave.  Must be clicked on and viewed large.

Sunset at the Pinnacles.

Just had to post this photo as it is probably my favourite just because of the great colour I had that night. I got so many that I am happy with that I,m over the moon.

Panoramic Pinnacles.

This one was a 10 image stitch of the view I got from possibly my favourite part of the pinnacles desert area.

The changing moods of the Pinnacles, Nambung national park.

I spent a day and a half shooting in and  around the Nambung national park just out of Cervantes last week. The weather was quite overcast which made for some wicked light and clouds. These are just a few shots I managed to get and I have a couple of panos to work through shortly. Sure is an interesting place to visit and spend a bit of time.