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Cape Naturaliste vista.

Cape Naturaliste. google+

This is another image from my South west trip last weekend. Typical scene in the cape naturaliste with beautiful rock formations, flora and overall colours.

Sugar loaf drama.

I spent the weekend down at Busselton attending the ND5 exhibition and workshops, This is one of a few shots I grabbed of Sugarloaf rock and I have tried to create something a little different to the usual approach to shooting this famous photographic destination. I know it’s a popular spot because there were 18 other photographers all having a crack at getting their own shots at the same time as me.

Dukes Inn, Northam.

Last weekend I had the job of shooting images for the owner of the recently renovated Dukes Inn hotel and luxury accomodation here in Northam. They have done a great job with the revamping of this old but very sound and characteristic historic building.  This is one image I singled out to convert to Black & White and try something a bit different on. The colour version was nice as well but the drama in this scene begged for this treatment I thought.

Tropical light.

We have just arrived back from a relaxing and adventurous week in Kota Kinabalu,  Sabah Borneo. This little beach was right in front of our hotel.

Pearce Airshow 2012

Another day out and about, this time the airshow at Pearce. These are a few shots I edited tonight. Will finish sorting the other 1000 or so tomorrow if I get time.sure was a big day with one hell of a crowd of people.

The traffic heading out of the airbase was crazy, so glad I road my bike there, parked right at the door and then quietly slipped past all the suckers in cars on the way out who were lined up for miles trying to escape the place.



Lake Clifton on fire.

Was at Lake Clifton south of Dawesville last evening checking out the amazing thrombolites and hoping for a photo opportunity with the promising sunset coming along. Managed to get quite a few keepers but this one was the only portrait framed shot and is probably my instant fave.  Must be clicked on and viewed large.


I just got back from a weeks break in Melbourne visiting family and had limited opportunity to get out and take photos, however I was able to head into the city one evening to see what I could capture. This shot was just after sunset near the Princess bridge looking down the Yarra river towards the Langham hotel and Crown casino. Plenty to photograph in this part of the world if you have the time.