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New Website and Blog.

I have built a new website and blog all integrated into one.  It can now be viewed at   Please feel free to wander over for a look as this is where all my up to date images will now appear.

Regards Pete.

Karijini Termite Mound.

Karajini Termite Mound

One of the stand out features in the Northern part of the Karajini National Park are the large termite mounds. They are an amazing structure and have some great textures in their make up apart from the fact that they provide a nice contrast in the surroundings.  I would love to head back and shoot more of these beauties.

Sunset hues in the Ashburton.

Bamboo springs Colour

The sunset created some beautiful colour in the gorge we camped in and it was an amazing opportunity to photograph it.


Karajini Moon

The early morning colours in this area are fantastic and it’s the best time to shoot in the pilbara in my opinion.

Ashburton Gorge.

Ashburton Gorge.

Amazing what can be found in seemingly the middle of no where. This is one of my favourite camp sites. ” Click image to view large “

Avon River Northam.

This is an image I shot a few weeks back and have had some local feedback on. I thought I should post in on my blog instead of just leaving it on FB onlyAvon River web



Cape Naturaliste vista.

Cape Naturaliste. google+

This is another image from my South west trip last weekend. Typical scene in the cape naturaliste with beautiful rock formations, flora and overall colours.

Sugar loaf drama.

I spent the weekend down at Busselton attending the ND5 exhibition and workshops, This is one of a few shots I grabbed of Sugarloaf rock and I have tried to create something a little different to the usual approach to shooting this famous photographic destination. I know it’s a popular spot because there were 18 other photographers all having a crack at getting their own shots at the same time as me.

Dukes Inn, Northam.

Last weekend I had the job of shooting images for the owner of the recently renovated Dukes Inn hotel and luxury accomodation here in Northam. They have done a great job with the revamping of this old but very sound and characteristic historic building.  This is one image I singled out to convert to Black & White and try something a bit different on. The colour version was nice as well but the drama in this scene begged for this treatment I thought.