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A View from floor 29.

Last week we spent some time checking out the goings on in and  around Hong Kong, This was a stitched image I took from our hotel room just after sunset. It was an interesting place to visit but it was nice to get back home and a week was plenty of time to be there if you get my drift.

Upstairs Downstairs

New Norcia hotel stair case.

“Altered Landscapes”… created by nature

As everyone is probably aware we had a pretty severe storm up this way yesterday.The power has just been restored at our place so the net is is back on again. It was a thunderstorm which produced a spectacular dust cloud and then nailed us with cyclonic winds and rain. Bloody scary stuff when there are sheets of corrogated roofing iron being thrown around like tissues. these images are only a small few I managed to snap about 15 minutes after the event as we had a bit of damage at home to contend with. The last couple are of the clean we did this morning after our huge pine tree decided our outdoor area needed an upgrade. Must thank the Merv man for coming around and helping out with the whole deal, between us we had it under control in around three hours, what a team.