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Ghostly tunnel, self portrait

Had a bit of fun trying different things photographing in this rock tunnel. Not a lot of talent in this part of the world so I had to step up myself.


Road Warrior.

I had and interesting photo shoot last weekend for a guy who was extremely proud of this bike which he has been building up as a one off custom. It was a great afternoon which resulted in some interesting shots in various locations around the Avon Valley and even a few in the public bar of the Grass Valley tavern. Since I am a bike rider myself it was good to be capturing all the action and putting a few creative things together to make it a little more appealing. This was one of the last shots of the day and was taken using the Elinchrom quadra lighting system and a small deep octa softbox.

“Lights camera action”

I had the pleasure of shooting a great Birthday party  last saturday night at one of our local function spots in Northam and this one of my fave’s. The theme for the night was James bond 007, casino royale and nearly all party goer’s got dressed to kill and had a ball. I thought for something a bit different I would set up a backdrop in the corner and give my elinchrom quadra lights and speed flashes a bit of a work out. We tried a few different set ups during the night and came away with some shots that fitted in with the theme quite well. I managed to get good portrait type shots of about 90% of the guests which was a bonus as well.

” Just for Merv “

Merv has been nagging me to pop up this self portrait I shot while on my Baladjie lake adventure as shown in previous posts.  I”m sure it’s because he thinks I’m really good looking and has nothing to do with the spectacular sunrise colours of that morning…. a bit vain if you ask me, anyway here it is Merv.

Four wise Indians.

Been a while since my last post and I have gone off on bit of a tangent and have been shooting more portrait type images of late. This compilation is a set of photos I shot a couple of years back when on my Indian adventure. I have always liked these images as they were all taken in the space of about 5 minutes way up the Himalayas when we had stopped for a break and these four goat shepherds wandered in next to we were. I have wanted to do something a bit different with them and  after seeing Christians pelicans photos the other day I was inspired to try a similar approach as I really like the white back grounds. I am happy with the result but would be keen to know other peoples thoughts as well.

” Early Light “

Well early mornings are the order of the day on weekends for me at the moment. I am shooting a series of marketing shots for one of our local ballooning companies and getting out of the cot at 3.30am to capture the proceedings is trying me out a bit.  It really is the best time of the day though and playing around with high ISO’s on the D700 is working a treat as this together with light from the balloon burners and a bit of natural light is the go for nice natural looking shots. This was shot taken using 6400 iso at 2.8 with the 85mm f1.4 and run through NIK Define noise reduction software.  Shit these Nikons are Good.

The Farmer HDR Tone mapped

This is one of many HDR Portrait style shots I have done using Photomatix and Photoshop for editing.It gives an earthy look to my images which really adds character in most cases.

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