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“Another Kimberley Icon.”

Whilst the Kimberley region is a hot topic in blog land and beyond at the moment I thought I would pop up another iconic region . This time one of the most popular and picturesque gorges in the area, Bell Gorge which is around 20kms off the Gibb River road. This is the pool above the bell Falls which I have posted a photo of previously. Taken about 15 minutes after sunset.

“James Price Point”, The way it should stay.

I thought seeing as how the James Price Point is once again in the headlines I would post this pano I shot whilst I was there six weeks ago. I am not against progress,But I personally think a LNG plant here will create more problems than it’s worth, Once again narrow minded polly’s and big business are making the same mistakes they they have in the past looking for a very short term monetry gain and  a employment votes fix for issues that are much deeper and  are all to hard for them to cope with.I could go on about this issue but I just end up depressed about it all and can’t believe how out of touch and materialistic most people are these days. It will all come back and bite us on the arse in the not to distant future, That I am fairly sure of.

Bungle Bungles.

Reliving memories of our time in Purnululu National park, This shot was taken on a very overcast day when most of the people camped out there were heading out of the place not wanting to get stranded if there was a lot of rain and the roads out would have been closed. It was the best time to be there, interesting light and a lot less people. Just how i like it.

Back on the Gibb.

Going back through the many hundred shots from the top end trip and this one came together quite nicely I thought. The Gibb River road has changed a lot since our last trip along it around ten years ago, there are a lot more sealed sections of road now and this is one part coming out of one of the creeks. the road is like freeway these days and could be driven with a two wheel drive car at the right time of the year.

“Windjana wandering”

Another one from the Gibb River road run. This is probably my favourite gorge in the area, Quite different from most of the others with a pleasant walk through it along the Lennard river. There were plenty of freshy’s laying on the banks sunning themselves as well. Anyway this is my take on the place, The old gate, boabs and contrasting gorge walls are what stuck in my head from a previous visit even though the entry path in has changed quite a bit from back then.

James Price Point.

Lots of discussion about this area still, we were lucky enough to be able to spend a couple of days at a great little camping spot not far from the point itself.

Not another Waterfall ….

Yeah I know, another bloody waterfall.  I just couldn’t go past this one though. I took several shots of this spot but found it really difficult to get good exposure through the whole image no matter what time of the day. A bit of cloud cover may have helped but that wasn’t an option. Maybe a medium format camera is the go with shooting gorge type stuff to get a better dynamic range ?…. anyway  closer framing was the way to tackle it and this is the result.