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Road Warrior.

I had and interesting photo shoot last weekend for a guy who was extremely proud of this bike which he has been building up as a one off custom. It was a great afternoon which resulted in some interesting shots in various locations around the Avon Valley and even a few in the public bar of the Grass Valley tavern. Since I am a bike rider myself it was good to be capturing all the action and putting a few creative things together to make it a little more appealing. This was one of the last shots of the day and was taken using the Elinchrom quadra lighting system and a small deep octa softbox.

Pearce Airshow 2012

Another day out and about, this time the airshow at Pearce. These are a few shots I edited tonight. Will finish sorting the other 1000 or so tomorrow if I get time.sure was a big day with one hell of a crowd of people.

The traffic heading out of the airbase was crazy, so glad I road my bike there, parked right at the door and then quietly slipped past all the suckers in cars on the way out who were lined up for miles trying to escape the place.



“In the press.”

My recent photos of the sustainable house near Toodyay were used today in a write up of the project in the Perth Sunday Times. To read more about this place it is on page 24 of the Home lift out.

Twilight Brae Solar passive residence.

Saturday afternoon and evening I had the job of shooting a great little solar passive sustainable house that has just been finished and presented for the public to view on Sunday for the sustainable house day event held across Australia annually. It was located on a very nice little block of land with a to die for panoramic view near Toodyay.

After taking all the necessary shots I noticed the moon was almost a full one and was lighting things up quite nicely outside so I stayed on after with the owner having a quiet beer and taking a few longer exposures. He lit the fire in the fire ring at the front of the house and  we were running around with a torch and a speed light poking a bit more light in where needed, this is one of a few efforts we came away with.