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South Perth Sunrise.

South Perth Sunrise Web

To hot to sleep last night after staying in Perth last night so I headed out early this morning to try my luck at a sunrise shoot from Kings Park and this is one of the images I kept..


I just got back from a weeks break in Melbourne visiting family and had limited opportunity to get out and take photos, however I was able to head into the city one evening to see what I could capture. This shot was just after sunset near the Princess bridge looking down the Yarra river towards the Langham hotel and Crown casino. Plenty to photograph in this part of the world if you have the time.

The morning after.

Last night I attended one of Nick Rains’s Printing workshops which was a nice refresher and a chance to hear about the latest Canon printers. I was up early this morning and even though it looked a bit flat light wise I decided to head into the city and try my luck. This is about my best effort from the trip and I actually don’t mind this type of processing and I think it suited the conditions.