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Posts from the ‘Arty Stuff.’ Category

Ghostly tunnel, self portrait

Had a bit of fun trying different things photographing in this rock tunnel. Not a lot of talent in this part of the world so I had to step up myself.


More Sculptures by the sea.

Following on from my previous post these are a couple more images that I was pleased with and I think the simple colours and compositions are what attracted me to them.


Cottesloe Sculptures.

After seeing some images from True North Mark I was inspired to get up a couple of hours before dawn this morning and make a run down to Cottesloe beach to checkout this years Sculptures by the sea exhibit. I was lucky to have the place to myself apart from a couple of guys with metal detectors for about half an hour before the hoards of beach goers rolled in. The light wasn’t great so black and white shot’s were what I tried to create and these are a few of them.

Red Bin.


After seeing today that a couple of other photogs namely Merv and the Master CF have headed back down the dark path of back door art or more commonly known in the circles as alternative urban landscapes I thought I would pop up my interpretation of the red bin scene Merv and I were studying in great depth and trying get our heads around the story behind the image. I quite like the story behind this scenario.

Photo Art …… or just crap ?

After recent comment on an interesting  post on regarding the truth about art photography I thought I would post this image that I shot around three years ago and spent  hours trying to get the look I had conjured up in my mind of what I wanted. I kept on going back to it  trying different editing techniques and this is what I ended up settling on as the finished item.  I was really pleased with it and didn’t show it to anyone as I thought it was just to out there for people to like until one day my younger sister caught a glimpse of it in amongst some of my other photos and commented on how she liked it.  I still didn’t put it out for general viewing but after all the recent talk about the art photo thing I thought what the hell.  Once again not everyones cup of tea I know, but I love it even if it is crap.