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Avon Valley farms in summer.

I have been out a few times lately to different farms in the local Northam area to see what I might find that was interesting for this time of year. I love summer up our way especially in the evening with some beautiful twilight skies and wide open spaces. These are a sample of what I have been able to get.


Posted by hodgy1 on December 19, 2011
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  1. 12/19/2011

    I love em all Hodgy! But the tractor shot is the fav for sure!

    I would like to have a crack at that RAW file eh!

    • 12/19/2011

      I was messing around with off camera flash in the tractor shot, Not easy trying to balance the light to make it all blend and look real but it was a fun process which I’m going to do a lot more of when it suits.

  2. 12/20/2011

    I like the tractor. Did you use speedlights or quadras? I know Merv is itching to do some off-camera flash – he’s even bought some triggers to put on his shelf in the office 🙂 You could teach him a thing or two…

    • 12/20/2011

      Used speed lights this time but wished I’d taken the quadra. Didn’t know Merv had triggers . I’m not I could teach him much I’m still trying to work them out properly myself.

      • 12/21/2011

        I don’t think he’s taken them out of the packet 🙂

  3. 12/21/2011

    love the tractor shot, I used to live in Northam as a kid, brings back memories

  4. 12/23/2011

    You have been busy Pete, also love the tractor and the last shot with the silos, the colours blend so well. Looks like a few very early mornings…

  5. 12/24/2011
    Roger Coyne

    Hi Pete…. nice series of balanced local farm shots.

    Good tractor and great sharp silo’s. Where are the silos located???

    Merry Christmas to you and the family.

    Roger Coyne

  6. 12/24/2011

    Merry xmas to you to Roger, the silos are out on a farm near Bolgart where Merv is driving one of the Headers this harvest. It’s like a full on CBH terminal and they are full to the brim apparently.


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