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Twilight Brae Solar passive residence.

Saturday afternoon and evening I had the job of shooting a great little solar passive sustainable house that has just been finished and presented for the public to view on Sunday for the sustainable house day event held across Australia annually. It was located on a very nice little block of land with a to die for panoramic view near Toodyay.

After taking all the necessary shots I noticed the moon was almost a full one and was lighting things up quite nicely outside so I stayed on after with the owner having a quiet beer and taking a few longer exposures. He lit the fire in the fire ring at the front of the house and  we were running around with a torch and a speed light poking a bit more light in where needed, this is one of a few efforts we came away with.

Posted by hodgy1 on September 11, 2011
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  1. 09/11/2011

    Looks like a fabulous spot! Love your lighting effects.

    • 09/11/2011

      Thanks Tina, It was a great spot and a lot of fun to shoot.

  2. 09/11/2011

    Shouldn’t you be gardening …. 🙂

    • 09/11/2011

      Don’t you start, get off that computer now or I’ll ring Helen.

      • 09/11/2011
        Jamie Nicolaou

        I thought you were both banned from the computer…….shit!!!! Now I’m in the shit with Tegan!!! Good to catch up with both of you today!!

  3. 09/11/2011

    Yeah same mate, i’m sure Tegan will forgive you in a month or two.

  4. 09/11/2011

    Great job Pete – I’m sure the client will be stoked.

    • 09/11/2011

      He likes this one Muzz, so I’m off to a good start.

  5. 09/11/2011

    Good work Hodgy, funky little pad by the looks

  6. 09/11/2011

    Haven’t heard funky for a while AB, but that is a good way of describing the house.

  7. 09/12/2011
    True North Mark

    Yep well done mate!

  8. 09/14/2011

    Great lighting and a good pic, I like the word funky..think it describes the house well.


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