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“Another Salty”

I printed this one today as I love it’s basic simplicity.  It looks very vibrant at  60 inches on canvas.

Posted by hodgy1 on May 15, 2011
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  1. 05/15/2011

    Beautiful mate!

  2. 05/15/2011

    Yep !!!

  3. 05/16/2011

    A second look at this one Peter suggests that the cloud on the right is blown out. It might be worth reworking the raw file and getting it back. The image is certainly worth it!

    • 05/16/2011

      Yeah , I picked up on that before I printed it and make the necessary adjustments.

  4. 05/16/2011

    A second look at this one makes me wonder about the central horizon position. Not sure what you could do though as the lake crust and the clouds both tell a story.

    Oh bugger it … leave it as is.

  5. 05/18/2011

    with that cloud fixed it must be a great image printed.

  6. 05/19/2011
    Tony Middleton

    Stark and chilling image Hodgy !


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