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Photo Art …… or just crap ?

After recent comment on an interesting  post on regarding the truth about art photography I thought I would post this image that I shot around three years ago and spent  hours trying to get the look I had conjured up in my mind of what I wanted. I kept on going back to it  trying different editing techniques and this is what I ended up settling on as the finished item.  I was really pleased with it and didn’t show it to anyone as I thought it was just to out there for people to like until one day my younger sister caught a glimpse of it in amongst some of my other photos and commented on how she liked it.  I still didn’t put it out for general viewing but after all the recent talk about the art photo thing I thought what the hell.  Once again not everyones cup of tea I know, but I love it even if it is crap.

Posted by hodgy1 on May 8, 2011
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  1. 05/8/2011

    I like it Peter…I line it a lot actually…well done!

  2. 05/8/2011

    SHITE !!!!!

    No … I like it. I actually think it’s one of your better ones, well processed.

    On second look it’s bloody good.

    What about the pink lake and you. ???

    • 05/8/2011

      Well I’ll be, I was sure it would get the big NUP from you. I’m over the moon now…….. can’t believe what I’m reading. ha ha ha.

      jury is still out on the lake one I think.

  3. 05/8/2011

    If it’s a yep frpm Merv, it’s gotta be good, he’ll tell you straight everytime!!! Looks pretty good to me too!!

  4. 05/9/2011

    Don’t normally go for this sort of scene Pete but I have to say that I like it, giving it a ‘w’ instead of a ‘c’ in front of rap.

  5. 05/10/2011

    I like it too. Sometimes they look best in a group with a similar theme or look – got any more?

    • 05/10/2011

      Nup, It’s a really limited edition this one mate. I only get time to sit and do this sort of thing on cold wet wintery days and the way it’s going around here it could well be a one off.

  6. 05/11/2011
    Tony Middleton

    I like it mate – very nice indeed.
    I think a number of us (and many others) have always shot stuff like (and what has recently been coined as ‘altered landscapes) from time to time. But like yourself we never really put them out there for all to see and thought that most people would think they are crap cos they aren’t all colourful nature loving scenes.

  7. 05/13/2011

    I like this one Hodgy great comp and nice B&W conversion.

  8. 05/16/2011

    Really like it Pete….

  9. 05/20/2011

    Thanks for the feedback everyone.


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