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” Just for Merv “

Merv has been nagging me to pop up this self portrait I shot while on my Baladjie lake adventure as shown in previous posts.  I”m sure it’s because he thinks I’m really good looking and has nothing to do with the spectacular sunrise colours of that morning…. a bit vain if you ask me, anyway here it is Merv.

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Posted by hodgy1 on May 8, 2011
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  1. 05/8/2011

    You’d better put the picture in the post !!!

  2. 05/8/2011

    Thats better.

    Gee you could have made it smaller.

    I love the colours here and content aware would take you out and really make a shot of it , he he he . 🙂 🙂

  3. 05/8/2011

    Really cool Peter.

    Well done!

    • 05/8/2011

      Cheers mate, funny how an environment so harsh in the middle of a hot summers day can sometimes be the most beautiful in situations lke this.

  4. 05/8/2011

    Nice work mate, looks pretty special out there. Maybe I need some time way out in the middle of nowhere!!!

    • 05/8/2011

      Reckon you would love it out there mate, we should head out sometime.

  5. 05/9/2011


  6. 05/9/2011

    G’day Hodgy.
    You are still hiding in the backlit light! Great pic. Sorry I missed you in Northam the other day.

  7. 05/9/2011

    Yeah Dave, still the mystery man. I got back not long after you had left apparently. Still the ride was fantastic.

  8. 05/10/2011

    Beautiful light – good to see you made the most of the opportunity. Print it big and take it straight to the pool room.

  9. 05/11/2011

    Wow Pete…that’s a great shot! Amazing colour!

    • 05/12/2011

      The colour was the best Sandy. Are you still in Oz ?

      • 05/13/2011

        Only for another week…feeling a bit bi-polar at the moment. One minute I can’t wait to get on the plane…the next I freak about about all the stuff I still have to organise before I go. Once I hit China the rest will be forgotten 🙂

  10. 05/19/2011
    Tony Middleton

    Great image Pete !

  11. 10/1/2011

    The silence and the hues of this picture are astonishing!!


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