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Candid Wedding.

Seeing as how my landscape photos have taken a back seat lately and weddings have been all the go I thought a selection of candid, lighter moments of a few weddings I have shot recently might be a nice change. These type of pics are always great to get as they often show a different side to the occasion I feel.

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Posted by hodgy1 on April 18, 2011
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  1. 04/18/2011

    Yeah they’re good ….. now time for a landscape !!!!

  2. 04/18/2011

    Great work Pete, really big fan of the bottom two, particularly the bottom one.

  3. 04/19/2011

    Second last is gold mate…never picked you for someone who would get excited about wedding photography…now back to landscapes! 🙂

    • 04/19/2011

      Yep, might have to look for another landscape soon but it is nice to try new styles of photography every now then and broaden the horizons.

  4. 04/25/2011

    As you know Pete, I’m not a fan of shooting weddings but I do enjoy this candid stuff, especially when you group them together like this. These are the sort of shots that the day is about…love it!

  5. 04/27/2011

    Great selection Pete, just love candid shots…its capturing people really enjoying the moment, if you set them up you lose that…


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