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Sunset at the Pinnacles.

Just had to post this photo as it is probably my favourite just because of the great colour I had that night. I got so many that I am happy with that I,m over the moon.

Posted by hodgy1 on January 9, 2011
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  1. 01/9/2011

    Yep , thats the best one by far !!

    • 01/9/2011

      geez your a hard man to please,glad I finally found one you liked, ha ha.

      • 01/9/2011

        I know what I like and I like that one !!

        The rest were ….. wellllll …….! 🙂

  2. 01/9/2011

    Sweet image Pixel Pete!

  3. 01/9/2011
    Tony Middleton

    Look at that glow ! no wonder you are over the moon… rightly so !

    • 01/9/2011

      Cheers Tony, Should see it printed, it’s even better.

  4. 01/10/2011

    Nice composition and colours are great, that sky is awesome

  5. 01/10/2011

    I agree Pete this is the best one those colours are amazing!

  6. 01/12/2011
    Roger Coyne

    Hi Pete

    Great sky… how did you get the shot with no footprints showing.

    If you are still in the area the Wedge Island dunes are well worth a look at Sunset

    • 01/12/2011

      Hi Roger,
      I’m not still up there so I’ll put your suggestion on my list of places to go. Funny thing about the the footprints was that I ran feverishly around rubbing them out with my thong before I took the shot proving that the good old thong has more uses than it was designed for and did the job nicely. Bloody hard work sometimes getting the shot you want. I reckon the terrorists.. oops I mean tourists watching me must have thought I was crazy.

  7. 01/12/2011

    Absolutely awesome color great image!

  8. 01/13/2011

    I think this is the best pinnacles shot I have seen, ever!
    Mate you have nailed it!

    • 01/13/2011

      Thanks Christian, I am pretty proud of it.

  9. 01/15/2011

    Great capture certainly the best Pinnacles shot!

  10. 01/29/2011

    Incredible shot here Peter. I love it. The light is to die for

  11. 02/4/2011
    Matt saul

    Yep, Stunning!

  12. 04/19/2011

    Wow… Haven’t seen on of the Pinnacles like this before, no wonder you’re stoked!



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