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The changing moods of the Pinnacles, Nambung national park.

I spent a day and a half shooting in and  around the Nambung national park just out of Cervantes last week. The weather was quite overcast which made for some wicked light and clouds. These are just a few shots I managed to get and I have a couple of panos to work through shortly. Sure is an interesting place to visit and spend a bit of time.

Posted by hodgy1 on January 6, 2011
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  1. 01/6/2011
    True North Mark

    Nicely done Peter!

    Mr. Spool and I were going to there the Monday before the Cape to Cape shoot but called it due to the rain.

    I will be getting up there soon myself… So thanks for the inspiration!

    • 01/6/2011

      You will have a ball when you finally get there, looking forward to your take on the place.

  2. 01/6/2011
    Tony Middleton

    Great set of images Hodgy – I like the light in the middle image in particular.
    It certainly is a pretty cool spot and one that I’d like to revisit and have another crack at again myself someday.


  3. 01/7/2011

    Great shots Pete looks like you had some really good light on the day doesn’t it make such a difference? I’ve been there before and it never looked this good. looking forward to the pano.

    • 01/7/2011

      The light was pretty good most of the time for sure Cleggy, I will get the pano up as soon as I can. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

      Cheers Pete.


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