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Merging Traffic …. and the laws ???

I had a bit of time up my sleeve on Saturday evening whilst in Perth so thought I would wander down at take a couple of pics I had been meaning to try for a while now. All was going well and after taking a few I was interupted by a rather upset woman in a car travelling into the tunnel who reversed back and gave me a lecture on not being able to photograph there. I was a bit stunned when she started to crap on about copyrights and so on,    All I was doing was trying to get a shot of the merging traffic etc as it entered the tunnel !!!   If this is correct and I’m doing something illegal then I think I may as well stop taking pictures just in case and sell my gear. What next !!!  Talk about a NANNY  state, I might go back to the Northern Territory where at least a small amount of common sense still prevail’s.

Anyway off the soap box, I quite like these shots I got and can’t choose between these two. Any suggestions ?  and be nice I’m still pissed off. ha ha.

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Posted by hodgy1 on November 29, 2010
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  1. 11/29/2010

    I prefer the one on the left. its was more awsummer!

  2. 11/29/2010

    Hey Pete…i’m confused….what exactly was protected by copyright and therefore forbidden to photograph?? I’ve actually just been doing a fair bit of research into this issue and you are legally within your rights to take photos in public space of whatever you want – people, places or anything!

    • 11/29/2010

      Yeah Jo, That’s the way I understood it to be as well. Probably just some bureaucrat trying to throw a bit of weight around. When i asked her who she was she clammed up a took off.

  3. 11/29/2010
    True North Mark

    Sweet shots mate!

    Tell the bitch to go jump mate! I too am over our heavily over regulated country these days.

    I have a customer who has been totally put through the wringer by AMSA over the last week with absolutely no conscience about the trauma they have put him through.

    Any of you bureaucrat bell wringers out there reading this post ….stay out of my way if you see me shooting or you will get a mouthful!

    Well done Pete…he says as he gets of his high horse! 🙂

    • 11/29/2010

      Cheers Mark, I was on the verge of telling her what I thought but what I might have said would have probably dropped me right in it. Can’t wait for the next dick to have a crack at me though !!

  4. 11/29/2010

    Ignore it. She has to be a moron for stopping and backing up at the tunnel, should have kept her talking for a while and banked the traffic up.

    • 11/29/2010

      Bet you don’t these sort of issues sitting on a header, ahh the good life.

  5. 11/29/2010
    Stephanie Hubble

    Pete I like the one on the left. Not that I am a photographer…. but the Merging Traffic sign seems to be the main focus. Keep shooting Pete, maybe she had something to hide from….

    • 11/29/2010

      I think it’s the better one to Steph and so do the girls. I like the sign in the foreground but it’s a bit in your face.

  6. 11/29/2010

    I think that some people are put on this earth just to piss everyone else off.

  7. 11/29/2010

    Left for me by itself, though the right one would be good as part of a theme.

    If you managed any shots of the woman reversing up the freeway, send them in – I’m pretty sure that’s illegal!

  8. 12/1/2010

    cool, someone else shooting stuff other than landscapes. I like the sign in mate.

  9. 12/2/2010

    I cannot believe the cheek of that person…I would have taken a photo of her reversing and send it in inside page of the west…
    I like the photo with the sign, the yellow from the sign grabs your eye and then immediately you look through to the tunnel.

  10. 12/2/2010

    I like them both:) Don’t worry about the sign, get rid of the complainant!

  11. 12/12/2010
    Tony Middleton

    cool shots Pete – yeah over regulation is out of control – they need to bring in some more regulations and bureaucrats to start regulating and putting permits on it all… It drives me insane (and like you I like to escape out to where we still have some civil liberties).
    Instead of being the lucky and free country, I swear we now must be the most over regulated country in the free world. We are almost at the point of messing with natural selection… Darwin would be rolling in his grave ! lol

  12. 01/27/2011

    Hi Hodgy,
    I like the one with the sign in it I feel it tells the story and gives it meaning to the image but hey I think it would look better if you slapped a bin in there somewhere though ;).


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