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High Key experiment.

I had the pleasure of shooting another wedding last friday and all though it was extremely hot and pretty full on it was great fun. After the pressure of getting all the important stuff I was waiting at the entrance of the reception room and thought I would try something a bit different and break all the rules of exposure and get a shot that really set the first couple to enter apart and might work but may not. The sun was blasting in through the doorway and armed with my trusty sb800 speed flash I stepped up and had a crack. This is the result and I think it came out ok. If nothing else I reckon it’s got impact and I think thats the essence all photos should have.  Whadaya think ??

Posted by hodgy1 on November 22, 2010
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  1. 11/22/2010
    True North Mark

    Love it there Hodgy! Its always good to have a crack at things like that i reckon!

  2. 11/23/2010

    Good one mate, I’d turn it into a portait 2:3 ratio, virtually from the corner of the bright doorway to the floor so that just the couple are in the image.

    • 11/23/2010

      Thanks for your thoughts AB, Will give it a go. I kind of like the guys on the left as I think they add to the overall feel of the image.

  3. 11/24/2010

    A moment in time well captured…

    • 11/24/2010

      Thanks Peta, thats the result I wanted.

  4. 12/12/2010
    Tony Middleton

    Definite impact mate ! Looks cool IMO and resembles a scene from a movie set and they are on a mission (to me anyway). I like it !


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