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Four wise Indians.

Been a while since my last post and I have gone off on bit of a tangent and have been shooting more portrait type images of late. This compilation is a set of photos I shot a couple of years back when on my Indian adventure. I have always liked these images as they were all taken in the space of about 5 minutes way up the Himalayas when we had stopped for a break and these four goat shepherds wandered in next to we were. I have wanted to do something a bit different with them and  after seeing Christians pelicans photos the other day I was inspired to try a similar approach as I really like the white back grounds. I am happy with the result but would be keen to know other peoples thoughts as well.

Posted by hodgy1 on November 17, 2010
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  1. 11/17/2010

    Geez, there’s some character there.
    You tried Silver FX on these mate? TriX grain… mmmmm

    • 11/17/2010

      Yep, silver efex and all sorts of other stuff, probably overdone a bit but I like it like that. Trix grain ???

  2. 11/17/2010

    Kodak Tri X, the best looking grain in photography! The Silver FX version of it does a bloody good job of copying it.
    Speaking of stunning B&W’s, you seen the Beatles photos on the Apple web site. Awesome! So well restored and reproduced digitally!

  3. 11/17/2010

    just got home …. so thats why you didn’t make it out there , busy with this.

    Looks good.

    • 11/17/2010

      Been playing with this for a few nights so yeah it took priority a bit.

  4. 11/17/2010
    True North Mark

    Nicely done Mr. Hodgeman!

  5. 11/17/2010

    Great portraits Hodgy

  6. 11/20/2010

    Love it….great images Pete. Fantastic detail in the faces….I don’t think they’re ‘overdone’ at all.

  7. 11/21/2010

    Thanks for the vote of confidence Sandy, after not winning the landscape 500 I was gutted, He He.

  8. 11/21/2010

    Nice shots, light looks good and so does the contrast. The white background gives it a very simplistic look which gives emotion to each of the portraits.

    • 12/1/2010

      he he, Must have just got them on a bad day. Couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks or the comment.

  9. 12/1/2010

    yep they are brilliant mate. My kind of portrait. Great to see you trying different stuff. I’ll have a word to those judges mate and see WTF they were thinking. You should have taken out the top 5 prizes!!

    • 12/1/2010

      What I said in reply to Peta, might have increase the text size again to click the right button next time. he he. Thanks to Peta by the way, really appreciate your thoughts.


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