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“James Price Point”, The way it should stay.

I thought seeing as how the James Price Point is once again in the headlines I would post this pano I shot whilst I was there six weeks ago. I am not against progress,But I personally think a LNG plant here will create more problems than it’s worth, Once again narrow minded polly’s and big business are making the same mistakes they they have in the past looking for a very short term monetry gain and  a employment votes fix for issues that are much deeper and  are all to hard for them to cope with.I could go on about this issue but I just end up depressed about it all and can’t believe how out of touch and materialistic most people are these days. It will all come back and bite us on the arse in the not to distant future, That I am fairly sure of.

Posted by hodgy1 on September 3, 2010
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  1. 09/3/2010

    Hey Pete,

    I’m with you 100% on this one. I work within the industry, but I believe this place should be untouched when it comes to oil & gas. My personal opinion is that they have a perfectly suitable location 600km south. The HBI plant that BHP built in Port Hedland during the 90’s is the perfect location. They shitcanned it because it didn’t work properly. They also had two deaths at the plant, but that’s another issue.

    The HBI plant has been sitting idle for about 10 years, so wouldn’t it be a good idea to scrap the joint, and use that location to build a gas plant. That way they can pipe the gas & condensate to Port Hedland, and not impact on James Price Point.
    Colin Barnett is an arrogant piece of shit, and has no respect for the area. I don’t want to get started, as I’m definitely not against industry, but I am against a gas hub being built there.

    Just think of the logistical problems, not to mention environmental & social issues this will cause. Broome is already under enough pressure socially as it is.

    I’m sure this debate will rage on!!
    Nice pic by the way Pete!!

  2. 09/3/2010

    Cheers Jamie, unfortunately the cynic in me thinks it’s part of a grander plan which are already being talked about in the background, Mitchell Falls, Horizontal Falls etc etc.

  3. 09/3/2010

    Very nice Price Point image, great leading lines.

    This issue depresses me so much as well, it’s an issue I care deeply about. Wildlife and Wilderness Conservation. They are stealing the land, it is colonization all over again!

  4. 09/3/2010

    Thanks for the comment on the pic Bo.

    Colonisation is one word for it, Colin- isation is another and Rape and pillage is another one

  5. 09/4/2010

    It is sad to see what’s happening up there. I don’t really know the finer details of this case but I don’t see why they can’t use the existing infrastructure rather than building at James Price Point. Maybe there’s a good reason for it but as far as I can see it’s just an issue of cost, which is not a good enough excuse…..

  6. 09/6/2010

    nice shot Pete, looking forward to getting there to shoot myself. You are spot on the money, greed and power. Barnett want’s to go down in history as the guy who brought prosperity to this state. The truth is he will go down in history as a red faced buffoon who would sell his mother if it made a buck and him the big man on the hill. I like the idea of a protest on his lawn. A good thing would be to ask the owner of the house across the street if we could erect a massive photo of JPP pointed straight at him.

    • 09/6/2010

      Yeah great idea about the photo across the road, Not sure he would actually get it though !!!
      Looking forward to your take on James Price point as well, I might even make another quick run up there myself at the end of the month if I can tie it in with work commitments.

  7. 09/7/2010

    Hmmm very depressing indeed!

  8. 10/2/2010

    Nice image Peter, it sure is a beautiful spot to get away from it all and just wander up and down the beach… though a huge gas hub sure will make a big tripping hazard! Its a shame that humans are so short sited, it seems we developed the technical know how, without the maturity and forethought to cope with it, its like giving a 10 year old kid the keys to your car.

    • 10/2/2010

      You hit the nail on the head with that comment Adam, couldn’t have put it better myself. Thanks for dropping by.


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