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“Windjana wandering”

Another one from the Gibb River road run. This is probably my favourite gorge in the area, Quite different from most of the others with a pleasant walk through it along the Lennard river. There were plenty of freshy’s laying on the banks sunning themselves as well. Anyway this is my take on the place, The old gate, boabs and contrasting gorge walls are what stuck in my head from a previous visit even though the entry path in has changed quite a bit from back then.

Posted by hodgy1 on July 20, 2010
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  1. 07/21/2010

    I agree, i think Windjana is the pick of the gorges.

    Nice and green there by the look of it.

    • 07/21/2010

      The Gibb is as green as it can be I reckon, The cattle look great as well.

  2. 07/21/2010
    True North Mark

    Nice peacefull shot there Peter!

    • 07/21/2010

      Yeah peaceful scenery mark, lot’s of noisy people around though.

  3. 07/21/2010

    Nice shot Peter. Nice gorge that one. I liked the open showers that they used to have there, not sure if they’ve updated them.

    • 07/21/2010

      All brand newy’s there now AB, lost a bit of it’s character really.

  4. 07/21/2010

    Nice serene image – draws you forward from the cool green towards the warm orange (at least it does when you’re sitting at work with your feet freezing). Postcard material.

    • 07/21/2010

      Glad it cheered you up Muzz, you know me always trying to please.

  5. 07/21/2010

    I love Windjana although it has become a bit too busy, being in relative close range to Broome. Dawn in the gorge is great, in total darkness, just the eyes of freshy’s illuminating the scene. Nice image

  6. 07/22/2010

    Beautiful scene Peter. How was the Gibb with the recent rain up there?

    • 07/23/2010

      Hi Dave,
      The road was closed up until the day before we headed out and we had to wait a couple of days to get down to Windjana so we spent a bit of time up at Charnley station ( old Beverley springs exploring it }. The road is like a freeway these days with a grader on it most of the time I think. Sure has changed in 10 years thats for sure.

  7. 07/22/2010
    Tony Middleton

    Nice work Hodgy – no sky is a treat in this one and it’s looking very green still !


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