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Not another Waterfall ….

Yeah I know, another bloody waterfall.  I just couldn’t go past this one though. I took several shots of this spot but found it really difficult to get good exposure through the whole image no matter what time of the day. A bit of cloud cover may have helped but that wasn’t an option. Maybe a medium format camera is the go with shooting gorge type stuff to get a better dynamic range ?…. anyway  closer framing was the way to tackle it and this is the result.

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Posted by hodgy1 on July 20, 2010
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  1. 07/20/2010

    You could take a few images and blend them for the dynamic range.

    Where is this one?

    • 07/20/2010

      Tried that, does not look realistic in this type of stuff.

    • 07/20/2010

      read the title.

  2. 07/20/2010
    True North Mark

    Yep they can be tough capturing those sorts of images Peter. This one has work out well though…predawn and post sunset always works pretty well…that is what I do in the Kimberley if I can!

    • 07/20/2010

      Tried that as well with this shot Mark, Still no detail in the the water, just jet black shadow worse than in this pic.

  3. 07/21/2010

    If you’re unhappy with this one Pete I’d just keep it simple and increase the contrast a bit with curves but watch that you don’t block up the black areas too much.
    A great shot none the less Pete and yep it is photographed alot but I reckon it such an iconic Kimberely waterfall that has to be taken!

    • 07/21/2010

      I will try out your suggestion Dave, I thought the same as you and just couldn’t drive past it.

  4. 07/21/2010

    Mate you could just do what Merv does and use a point-and-shoot Canon for superb landscape imagery. This one will still make it into the slide night though won’t it?

    • 07/21/2010

      Good ol point and shoot Merv, sure knows how get the best results out any camera thats for sure.
      Yeah I’ll put it in the slide show just for you.


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