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“Croc Spotter”

Yesterday in Kununurra came in cloudy, overcast and flat so getting landscape shots around the place was not ideal so I went back out to Ivanhoe crossing for a quick look around. As I approached it from top the Parry creek end I spotted this Heron gazing into the water as if he was checking out the potential of getting a feed. I thought I would try something a bit different and see if I could slow the shutter down enough to give the water the flowing effect behind him and still keep the bird as sharp as possible. I asked the heron to stand really,really still and took this 2 sec exposure. I was happy when I checked it out on the computer later and saw how clear it turned out. About a minute after took the shot a 4×4 came across the causeway and my model flew off down stream. Phew !  sometimes it just works out.

Posted by hodgy1 on July 1, 2010
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  1. 07/1/2010

    Great shot Hodgy, very clean image and surprising for 2 secs….

  2. 07/1/2010

    Great shot Peter…and a good story to boot!

  3. 07/2/2010

    How long you been away Pete, look what’s happening, style, invention, and all round superb images, pushing the boundaries mate

    • 07/4/2010

      Cheers mate, I’m really trying hard to get some different stuff.

  4. 07/2/2010

    Great concept and looks like it worked well.

    Your turning into a regular Crocidile Dundee, hypnotising animals.

    • 07/4/2010

      Yeah probably starting to look and smell like him to, all that time in the north does that to you.

  5. 07/3/2010
    max hubble

    Seen some good photos this trip Pete but this is a ripper.

    • 07/4/2010

      Thanks Hubble, You should see the really good ones !!!!

  6. 07/4/2010
    Tony Middleton

    Excellent work Hodgy – very clean work and a great result. Isn’t ‘he’ spectacular ! ahh… nature is so majestic 🙂

  7. 07/6/2010

    nice mate, a little vignette to focus the attention on the bird and it would sing!

    • 07/6/2010

      Thanks Fletch, not sure these birds can sing though.

  8. 07/9/2010

    Their song is a “cluuurk cluuuk” sound! Beautiful pic mate!

  9. 07/21/2010

    Cracker of a shot Peter. Gee I am always trying for blistering shutter speeds but this re writes the rules!



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