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Ivanhoe Crossing – Kununurra. WA.

I have seen a lot of photos of this crossing and thought I would try and put a slightly different spin on the view.

We drove across it this afternoon and went out to Middle Springs and Black Rock Falls, Both great spots to visit. The Black Rock Falls was an awesome sight hidden from view right up until you step into it. I shot a huge 24 image pano of it which I will attempt to stitch together some time.

Posted by hodgy1 on June 28, 2010
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  1. 06/28/2010

    Get a hand line and a popper and get yourself a Barra.

    Jeez i wish i was there at the moment !!!!!

    • 06/28/2010

      You bloody well could be, Just chuck the camper on and head up. It’s only 3000kays, you could be here in two days easy.

      Not to sure they catch to many barra off here but a catfish are probably a different story. We filled in a couple of blokes standing out in the middle of the crossing on our way back with the bow wave of the ute. They weren’t to amused. If the crocs don’t get you the bow waves will I say.

  2. 06/28/2010
    True North Mark

    Yep that works Peter….looking fwd to the big pano! I had trouble with the size of my 18 shot Sugar loaf so your 24 shot will be a whopper I reckon!

    PT Gui could handle it but Photoshop spat it!

    Good luck with it mate!

    • 06/28/2010

      Thanks Mark, I have had a few dramas stitching more than 16 shots together but it was with Aperture 2 not letting me drop the stitched up version back into it but not with P.Shop …….. fingers crossed I guess.

  3. 06/28/2010
    Tony Middleton

    Great to see you into the Kimberley. I love the new header mate – just screams that NW VRD-Kimberley landscape. I recall cooking up a barra under the pandanus to the left there for lunch once 🙂 I look fwd to the stitches when you get them done.
    Enjoy 🙂

    • 06/28/2010

      Cheers Tony,
      I’m looking forward to seeing if they turn out OK as well. If the one of Black Rock falls is as good as I think you could fill one wall in your house with it.

      I love the header pano and it should look great printed up big I hope.

  4. 06/28/2010

    Ahh, you are bringing back memories Hodgy. I was working once in Kununurra…..digging out paw paw trees this time. That was right up there with picking squash. Love to see your big stich

  5. 06/28/2010
    True North Mark

    How I got around it Peter, was to adjust the end size of the stitch in PT Gui to be still large, but not maximum which allowed Photo Shop to handle it. If you are getting anywhere near 2 gig Photo Shop will have a dummy spit I think!

  6. 06/29/2010

    looks great Pete.
    love that curve of the spill way. lol about the guys you hit with the bow wave, woulda been funny to see- when you’re the one in the car anyway 😛

    looks like you’re having a fantastic time, and sure chalking up a few km’s!


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