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“Wildlife in Kakadu”

The Flora and Forna in the Kakadu area are quite different to what am used to seeing so it was a bit of buzz to get to see a lot of it fairly close up. This is just a sample of what there is to see. Kakadu is really a unique part of the world.

Posted by hodgy1 on June 11, 2010
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  1. 06/11/2010

    Good collection.

    You’ll have to get a 600, then you’ll give Dave Bettini a run !!!

    • 06/11/2010

      Yeah a 600 would be OK but the bottom 7 shots were with the 70-200mm VR and a 1.4 extender. Had a chat with the local camera shop guy yesterday and he tells me the 400mm is the most popular around here and that they actually sell quite a few, Nikons of course.

  2. 06/11/2010

    I agree with merv 600mm all the way, mind you the 300 is also a great lens. The last image is a winner, reminds me of a postage stamp! Enjoy Kakadu 😉

  3. 06/15/2010

    Beautiful shots Hodgy. I’ve had a 600 for nearly a year now and still don’t have a Blue-winged kookaburra as good as yours! Matter of fact I don’t have one at all! You’re night heron is a beauty too!

    • 06/15/2010

      Yeah I think I got lucky with the Juvenile night heron, He sat on the branch for quite a while and posed away. The kookaburra was a different story, they don’t seem to like humans to much so I think getting this one with the 70-200mm was a stoke of luck really.

      Cheers Pete.


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