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Butterfly Springs.

This is anothery from along the Savannah Way, “Butterfly Springs” is one of those idyllic locations that just takes your breath away at first look.  I had to swim in neck deep crocodile infested water with only the ball head of the tripod above the water line to get this shot. Well maybe not croc infested but the bit about the tripod is true, the legs were buried about 200mm in the sandy bottom to make it firm enough for a 5 second exposure with the water lapping at the bottom of the D700. It was a great spot for a dip and I would love to visit it in the wet season when the waterfall was really going off.  I think I have got at least five really good pics of this place which I am really pleased about.

Posted by hodgy1 on June 3, 2010
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  1. 06/3/2010

    Great place , i was hoping you found this forgot to mention it. There was no water coming over the falls when we were there . i went for a swim as well and the water was rather brisk to say the least. Bloody nice water lilly’s in flower when we were there as well. Wish i would have had the 5d back then.

    All going well i take it.

    • 06/3/2010

      How could you forget this spot ?? All going great, The van is just the best. Back into civilisation again now and camped at Pine Creek for a bit and then off into The big “K”. Hoping that ” Jim Jim” is pushing a bit of water over when I get there. Bought a book on the place and some of the photos in it are fantastic so I can’t wait to see it for myself. Had a look at “Cutta Cutta” caves on the way up as well.

      Had much rain at home yet ?

  2. 06/3/2010

    You got me on Cutta Cutta , didn’t go there, the big “K” should be a highlight.

    How exciting is this we are going to , wait for it ……… Ravensthorpe … for the weekend.

    Should be good , nice break from here, staying at Hyden Fri night.

  3. 06/3/2010

    You’d better shoot up to Gove while you in the area.

  4. 06/3/2010
    Tony Middleton

    Top image and spot there Hodgy, or is that Liky with those death defying acts ! 🙂
    gawd.. I wish I was there now ! Love spots like this !

  5. 06/3/2010

    Time for you to come home now Pete, Im over jealous mate, stunning shots all round
    cheers Adrian

  6. 06/3/2010

    Sweet shot are havin fun out there eh!

  7. 06/3/2010

    The lengths that you have to go to for an image……crikey!

    Good work Hodgy, this looks like a magic spot.

  8. 06/5/2010

    wow! what a place. You’ve captured it well.

  9. 06/22/2010

    Looks a great place and a great shot as well.


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