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“Southern Lost City” Savannah Way N.T

These are a couple of quick ones from the Lost city to give the general idea of what it’s like. Crazy  Limestone rock formations and just an overall pre historic feel to the whole place. It really was an adventure in itself wandering amongst these magnificent formations and the bird life was abundant as well.  Ahhh I might head back there.

Posted by hodgy1 on June 2, 2010
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  1. 06/2/2010

    Great shots Peter…your best for a while I reckon….I especially like the one on the right.

    Looks like you were fortunate to have nice light for the shoot with a bit of cloud around to take out the harshness eh!

    Where abouts is this exactly!

    • 06/2/2010

      It’s about 4 kays off the Savannah way around 170 kays from Borroloola or 150kays from Cape Crawford. There are more than one lost cities but this one is the one to see I think.

  2. 06/2/2010

    What state Hodgy?

  3. 06/2/2010

    Yep thats it alright.

    Goods shots …. now I am envious !!!!

  4. 06/2/2010
    Tony Middleton

    Top stuff Hodgey – I’m wondering if you are heading to Lawn Hill whilst in that ‘region’ ? love that place !

  5. 06/4/2010

    I’m with the boatie, the one on the right cuts the mustard for me as well. Some stunning stone formations here and some great light for you too.


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