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“Savannah Way”, old gulf road N.T.

Well we made it,  one of only a handful of 4 wheel drives and the first camper van to make it through from Borroloola to Roper Bar  for the season. The track was a real challenge in sections with about 1000 creek or river crossings but we got through fairly easily in the end.Never had to change gears so many times before I don’t think. Camped at some fantastic spots along the way and got some nice shots as well which I will try and post a bit later on. Yeah and I did get to the lost city Merv, Could spend a lot of time there, so many great pics to be had .

Posted by hodgy1 on June 2, 2010
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  1. 06/2/2010

    Looks like you are having fun Hodgy!

    Looking fwd to the Lost City shots…sounds very intriguing!!

    • 06/2/2010

      Having a ball Mark, You would love it up here.

  2. 06/2/2010

    No doubt I would Peter!

    I am working towards being able to do much more of that myself…stay tuned!

    • 06/2/2010

      Hey Mark …. I know a guy who builds bloody good campers !!!!

  3. 06/2/2010

    Good one .. I’m very envious when I see this shot.

    Talking to Gerard today and we were wondering if you went up to Bing Bong while you up that way. Be a good thing to have under your belt ” we’ve been to Bing Bong ”

    Dry as a chip when we went thru, but there are plenty of creek crossings alright. We camped on the edge of the Town River and i laid on the back of the ute with a torch watching the croc’s eyes shining in the river, great fun.

    The lost city’s a ripper place.


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