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Reflective Mill.

This shot was taken to show how much the water level has changed after the storm in Northams Avon river.  ( No chance of standing in the river bed now ! ). I know Merv can relate to this.  We have had some colourful sunrises and sunsets lately and I took this one on Good Friday morning. Northam resembles a ghost town this Easter with a mass exodus on Thursday afternoon which suits me just fine as it’s nice and quiet for a change. I will try and change the theme for the next post but it really is an ever changing view each time I photograph this Northam icon which is almost directly across from my house.

Posted by hodgy1 on April 4, 2010
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  1. 04/4/2010

    This is a relly nice image Pete, well done. Nice and clean, good compostition and nice reflections and colours.
    So you’ve had plenty of rain up there this week then? We’ve had close to an inch over the last week here in Manjimup, perfect start.

    • 04/4/2010

      Good to hear you have had a share of the rain down your way Jamie. We have not had as much up this way as some but we do get a lot of water coming from further up the line flowing down the river.
      There is a nice green tinge showing up now and the ballooning season has open for the year so it should keep presenting plenty of photo opportunities around here in the next few months.

      Cheers Pete.

      • 04/4/2010

        We’ll be heading up that way in a couple weeks to do a balloon flight, looking forward to it!! Will have to drop in and meet the man behind the images!!

  2. 04/4/2010

    For sure Jamie, we should still be here in a couple of weeks and the Mervinator might be back in town stirring things up by then, but we are heading off on an extended trip around the 25th.

    You will love the balloon ride, bring plenty of piccy storage with you as I think you will get some goodies.


  3. 04/4/2010

    Come on, get the waders on and get out in the middle and take the after shot.

    Bloody nice shot this one !!!

    Looks like it’s come down a bit alright, and a green tinge , wonder if that will last.

    The green never ends here in Southland ,it’s either green or greener. Had 67mm rain yesterday but not bad today, nice and sunny , but only 2deg tonight.

    Heading up to Auckland tomorrow, supposed to be dry up there.

    Coming home on the 16th. ( unfortunatly ) 🙂

    • 04/4/2010

      Yeah I quite like this one. Thought about the waders for about 2 secs and thought better of it. Probably stub my toe on a shopping trolley or something . Sounds like you could do with a change of scenery so if Aucklands not dry enough for you then i think heading back to Northam should do the trick.

  4. 04/4/2010

    Hey Pete, great shot, you have hit it on the mark here with compostion and the refelction is perfect.

    • 04/4/2010

      Thanks for the compliment Adrian, nothing like a vote of confidence from others.

  5. 04/4/2010

    Nice one Pete, the reflections and composition make this one, looks like it all came together very nicely indeed. A stark contrast to your previous image, what a difference some rain can make!

  6. 04/5/2010


  7. 04/12/2010

    Hey Pete, Love the mirror image in the reflection…..really nice 🙂

  8. 04/21/2010

    Great shot, love the reflection and the colors. First chance I have had to check out your web, some great shots.

    • 04/21/2010

      Thanks for comment and also for dropping by Peta.

  9. 04/26/2010

    Hey Pete, stayed at the Liddelow on Avon B&B on the weekend. When I mentioned your name ol’ Ken said, “Peter, the boiley fella?” I said “yeah, that’s him”, Ken then pointed out that you live next door. I think you’d already headed off on your trip. Nice little town you got there!!

  10. 05/16/2010

    sweet mate, that is a cool scene.


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