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Stacky’s a Winner !!!

Well the York photographic awards were opened today and the winner’s announced, Stacky excelled and took out the open colour section which he should be pretty proud of. the Merv man French got another highly commended for his entry and….and well I got stuff all,  arrrh them’s the breaks! anyway congrats to all the winners and it was good to a see a couple of bloggers do well. This pic was snapped on my iphone just after the big announcement.    Onya stacky.

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Posted by hodgy1 on March 27, 2010
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  1. 03/27/2010

    i wanted to see the pic with mervs image!!

  2. 03/27/2010

    That’s to rude to publish !!!!, i’ll mail it to you.
    Just soak up the glory mate.

  3. 03/28/2010

    Well done Mr. Stackman!

    A talent in the making there for sure…lots ahead of you young fella!

  4. 03/28/2010

    WHAT THE………

    You mean he beat me …. bugger !!!!

    Well done Sean, you said last year you were going to put this in and I thought it would do well if you entered it, congratulations.

    Pete , what happened , I thought your Bakewell shot was a shoe in for the York section, did another dunny win it ?

    All good here , but bloody cold at times. I’ve slowed down the shooting a bit.

  5. 03/28/2010

    Yeah well, I’m not going to comment on this one.

  6. 03/28/2010

    Stakky is a legend, but I like the pic behind him better haha


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