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The Elder

Well this last Sunday was spent having a picnic birthday party for one of my daughters at the perth zoo. It was a warm but very enjoyable day. I took a few shots in the afternoon and with the high contrast in the light decided Black & Whites would be the way to go again. Good old Nik Silver Efex came to rescue once again with a bit of photoshop to put on some final touches and complete the picture. I am fairly pleased with the result compared to the original Raw capture.

Posted by hodgy1 on January 25, 2010
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  1. 01/25/2010

    Mate I had to look twice, I thought that was Merv for a second, only joking Merv, love your work !
    Seriously though nice catch light in the eye even though he is looking up. Nice balance in B&W, again works very well here.
    cheers Adrian

    • 01/25/2010

      Ha ha, that’s funny, I saw Merv tonight and I said I was going to post this one as Merv at the Zoo but thought it might be getting a bit personal, he will crack up if he reads this.

      • 01/27/2010

        Should have read your post before I replyed to Adrian’s , your off the list as well !!!! 🙂

        And I WAS going to say it wasn’t a bad shot !!!

    • 01/27/2010

      Your off the xmas card list Adrian 🙂

      • 01/27/2010

        Aww come on maaate, It does bear a slight resemblance.
        I’ve never got a xmas card from you so presumed I was already off the list, Ha Ha.

  2. 01/28/2010

    Nice image Pete, and also cheers for the laugh…….love the banter.

  3. 02/1/2010

    Great shot Peter…super sharp and really well captured mate!

    I can see the Merv resemblance as well eh!! 🙂

    Got a few giggles from the banter myself!

    • 02/1/2010

      Thanks Mark, I think your shots inspired me a bit with this one.

  4. 02/2/2010

    Take me off the Chrissy list too Merv!

    No seriously great shot Peter. B&W works perfectly.

  5. 02/3/2010

    Great shot Pete – we’ve all found it hard to get a shot of Merv without a beer in his hand, so you’ve done well.

    Seriously, do you guys have some kind of whistle that gets the animals out? I went to the zoo a couple of weekends ago and got bugger all – mmm, maybe they could smell me? 🙂

    Great job on the post-processing – I’m definitely a fan of the B&W (must be my age).

  6. 02/3/2010

    Thanks Muzz but I reckon you have really dropped me in it now.

    No whistle was used but you have to talk nicely to them, I think Mark must talk nicer than me though as he gets some beauties.

    I’m a bit like that with B&W to, our age for sure I think.


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