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Darkside Elephants

I’m back !  from down south that is. This is one of many shots taken on our annual down south pilgrimage this year. I was experimenting this evening with high ISO settings and different angles of view etc in this shot as the light was pretty ordinary. The camera was about 100mm off the sand on my trusty Manfrotto tripod which had to be quickly removed as soon the shutter closed to avoid getting washed away in the surf.   The things we do for a bit of fun !!!!  I like the overall wide angle effect and the colours not to bad either I thought.

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Posted by hodgy1 on January 2, 2010
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  1. 01/3/2010

    It’s dark, really dark…but I like it, really like it! Magic part of the world down there.

    • 01/4/2010

      It is bloody dark isn’t it, thanks for dropping by.

  2. 01/4/2010

    Very nice, looks a bit like those islands off Vietnam in that light and from that angle. That Nikon handles the high iso well.

    • 01/4/2010

      Gotta love them Nikons Matt, only way to fly.

  3. 01/5/2010

    Never been done before. Looks really interesting Pete.

    Happy New Year mate

  4. 01/7/2010

    Love the low angle on this shot and the shadowy areas of the rocks. Well done.
    I have added you to my blogroll.

    • 01/8/2010

      Thanks for the comment Leigh, I will add your blog address to my blogroll as well.


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