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Weddings are Great.

I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding on Saturday and it was great.  the weather was on our side and the easy going couple made my job fun. these are a couple of images I spent a bit of time on to give them are bit more class,  or I thought so anyway. The wedding venue was Milston Gardens  in the Swan Valley.

Posted by hodgy1 on November 23, 2009
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  1. 11/23/2009

    Weddings are really fun to shoot aren’t they …… not.

    Nah it can be ok I guess.

    I did the video for one on Fri, it got better as the night went on !!!!

    We were just down the road from there on Sat. , I would have come and made life fun for you if I knew you were there…. he he he .

  2. 11/24/2009

    You`ve succeeded in giving the image a classy look Peter.
    Are you doing the wedding gigs regularly or simply helping out a friend?

    • 11/24/2009

      Cheers Luke,
      I’m only doing them if asked and not advertising or anything, i don’t think I would actually mind doing a few. Stressfull yes but a good challenge as well.


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