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The Old Cottage

This image is one of favs and one of many HDR photos I have blended and edited in Photomatix. I have posted it in response to Christian Fletchers comments on his Baron gorge image just posted. I find this program  works best with nice even lighting and close up tightly framed shots. I have not had a lot of success wide open landscape type photos, it is great for portrait type shots if you looking to put slightly different effect on the overall image.I hope this helps anyone trying this program and this is just my point of view and I’m not really what you would call an expert in this field but I have a heap of fun using it. Nearly all the competitions I have done well in  have been with Photomatix blended images.

Old cottage HDR  1000p blog

Posted by hodgy1 on October 29, 2009
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  1. 10/29/2009

    Still looks good, but I don’t like it !!!!!!!

    The reason i don’t like it is because it pushed me into second place at the York Photographic Comp….bugger.

    Great shot mate.

  2. 10/30/2009

    Looks like you are quite proficient at using Photomatix. I like the effect, this image looks really swish, top notch HDR this ‘un,

  3. 10/31/2009

    Yep great shot mate!

    Makes me want to lean to the left against the wind:)



  4. 11/2/2009

    yep it is a rippa mate, so illustrative looking, you must give me some tips.
    are you coming to the pizza night?

    • 11/2/2009

      Thanks CF, Yep I’ll be there if all go’s to plan.

  5. 11/3/2009

    Great image mate, works well with the HDR technique.

  6. 11/11/2009

    This is a great workup. I’m going to have to play with HDR on some old images cos new ones are hard to come by these days. Nice to meet you at the pizza night.

    • 11/11/2009

      Nice to have met you to Muzz, Get into the HDR stuff it’s good fun if nothing else.
      I have been doing a few in photomatix and then running them through Nik silver efex lately and am getting some good results. I will post a couple when I get time.
      Cheers Pete.

  7. 12/20/2009

    Great shot. Love those old cottages – I found one on the way to New Norcia and took some shots that I will run through Photomatix when I get a chance. Cheers Mark


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