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Star Woman.

This is anothery from the epic Menzies – Lake ballard excusion.  It is one of the fifty one statues placed in various locations on the lake itself.   Being on the lake at night by yourself is both eerie and lonely but also very calming if you out there for a while.

Star Woman 800p blog

Posted by hodgy1 on October 24, 2009
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  1. 10/24/2009

    Wow, I like this, Lake Ballard is one of the places on my too do list. Love the header image too, please tell be it wasn’t a stitch?

  2. 10/24/2009

    Cheers Matt, Yeah 8 stitched up,…. no not a stitch just a carefully cropped single, One of those times a 617 would be good. congrats on the new blog.

  3. 10/24/2009

    Congratulations to you too, yeah a 617 with a digital back, Fletch, Lauder and Putt would all be in that I think. Actually, a Phase One on a 645 might do the trick.

  4. 10/25/2009

    Ah the old Star Women , comes up pretty damn good.

    Got it sorted ok?

    • 10/25/2009

      Hay can you put a capital on my surname , you know dot the I’s cross the T”s 🙂

      • 10/25/2009

        Yeah when you learn to spell hey.

  5. 10/25/2009

    The lake is eerie enough even without the freaky-looking sculptures. They have an interesting story behind them don’t they Pete?

    • 10/25/2009

      The whole story is pretty amazing really and might never have happened if not for a government grant at the time, about half a mill if i remember correctly.
      I think the whole idea was a bit left field but I reckon it has probably been the best thing from a tourism aspect and I love the place.

  6. 10/25/2009

    wow, this is amazing! creepy sculpture for somewhere so desolate, although i presume that’s the whole idea? heh

  7. 10/26/2009

    Great shot Peter..I reckon it would look great on Canvas!



    • 10/26/2009

      Thanks Mark, I’ve got a roll of canvas in the printer at the moment so I might give it a go and see how it go’s.

      Cheers Pete.

  8. 10/28/2009

    Great shot Peter, have seen a doco on these sculptures, a place that I’d like to visit one day.

    • 10/29/2009

      Thanks A.B … Really is a top spot, every time i have been back there i have found different things to shoot, the whole area is good early morning & around sunset.

  9. 11/11/2009

    This is a great perspective – I’ve seen a few from a distance but this is a beauty. Glad that Merv is your wingman – wouldn’t want you to get into any blog trouble 🙂


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